Setting Goals and Dealing with Ooh, Shiny! #writing

As a writer in a publication stasis–Flight is released in April–I often find myself like a kid in a candy store, or more aptly, a writer in a plot garden. See, I still have some time before I need to start working on Flight’s sequel (which will probably be emotionally devastating), so the sky is the limit. This also means I switch books approximately every six days.

Ooh, Shiny! (TM?) plagues me daily. These are the new plots and characters that pop up randomly while driving or listening to the radio or while reading. Every time, they seem to flit around like pretty butterflies telling me to choose them, that they are what I should be working on.

I should be in a madhouse, there are so many characters in my brain right now.

So, time to do some interior housekeeping and set myself some goals.

1. Finish horror novella before the end of the year (5000 words left to go)

2. Rough work of Dark YA Jan-March

3. Flight is coming soon!! Drop everything!


Everything else, even the shiny commercial romance I’ve been trying  to write, has to go in the drawer, filed away until I have the space and time to devote my full attention to them. *waves* See you soon!

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